Would constructing a new Watertown Ice Arena at the Watertown Mall be a make or break deal for the owners of the facility?  Watertown Mayor Sarah Caron thinks it might be.  On KXLG’s From The Desk of the Mayor Wednesday she commented.

Mayor Caron says if ever approved the facility would most likely be constructed at the West end where Pennys store was located. There have also been discussions about the east end.

The original site across from the new softball complex is still the next favored site and that’s where the original drawings envisioned the facility going, however there are flood issues there as well. The actual design of the facility won’t take that long because the basics are done.  On another topic the Mayor says there has been movement on an agreement between the city and developers in a dispute over who will pay for the infrastructure in the new development just off 26th street east in Watertown: (dl 12)


The mayor says it wasn’t exactly meet in the middle, although an understanding has been reached the city would pay for the work in the right-of-way.