The Watertown City Council has given the green light to extend the ADI Great Lakes Jet Express flight incentives until the end of the year. The announcement follows approval by the Watertown City Council last night to extend the 25 dollar Watertown Bucks until the end of the year.  Glacial Lakes Energy is also offering a 25 dollar E-30 bonus as well.   Watertown Mayor Sarah Caron said the city is working on a charter that would pay ADI for a round trip to Pierre to see the festival of lights. That would add an additional 50 passengers towards the goal of 10,000.

The date for the charter flight that’s under consideration is December 16th.  To date the numbers are 9,535 that have boarded at Watertown. 10,000 total passengers are needed before the FAA awards the city the one million.  Alderman Josh Weyh.

The city is looking for about 400 extra passenger to reach their goal at the present time. Weyh made the motion to offer up the additional incentives.

The motion was approved with Passengers having until January 15th to redeem their boarding passes