Representatives David Johnson and Lynn DiSanto

The South Dakota House voted Monday to disband a Select Committee on Discipline and Expulsion convened to investigate Rep. David Johnson of Rapid City. 

The Select Committee was convened last Friday but was disbanded on a 64-1 vote just minutes into the opening of todays House floor debate schedule. 

Rep Lynne DiSanto (R-Dist 35) of Box Elder, the House Majority Whip, rose to support the motion to disband the committee.  DiSanto and Rep. David Johnson (R-Dist 33) of Rapid City had been in what witnesses called a ‘heated argument’ following floor debate last Wednesday.  A video of the incident was captured by Capitol security cameras, but state officials have not allowed the video to be released publicly. 

That video would have likely been a key piece in the public proceedings of the select committee.  Monday’s vote to disband the committee means the video will likely remain out of public view. 

Rep. DiSanto rose to speak on behalf of disbanding the committee.  She told fellow House members she accepted Johnson’s apologies and placed value on his efforts to work with family and his spiritual advisors moving forward.  She concluded her remarks saying Johnson was both her colleague, “and a friend.” 

Rep. Johnson did not address the House, nor did others who had spoken with media in the past several days describing Wednesday’s events.