Game Fish and Parks Closure Map

However, the following lakes (Duerre Slough, Jesse Slough, Schiley Lake, Long Lake and Parks Slough in Day County) remain closed under injunctions from Parks v. Cooper and Duerre v. Hepler court cases.  These closed waters are not required to be marked with signs or buoys.  
Nonmeandered Waters – Posted Closures
County Water Name Legal Description Acres Closed
Clark Seefeldt/Hallberg T116N R56W S24 185
Clark Seefeldt T116N R56W S35 65
Clark Reppe/Peterson T119N R58W S14,15,23 325
Clark Dekker Slough T116N R56W S8 (E 1/2) 80
Day Reetz Lake T121 R56W S22,26,27,34,35 800-West
Day KSP Farms Pond T124N R57W S11,12 235
Kingsbury None T109N R53W S4,5 35
Kingsbury None (Connected to T112N R54W S9 25
Arnold GPA)
Marshall Mallard/Two Mile T125N R56W S2,3,4,9 1010
T126N R56W S33,34
Horseshoe T125N R56W S2,3 185
T126N R56W S34
Fort South T125N R56W S9 130
Day Gebur/Pesall T120N R56W S7 (SW 1/4) 240
T120N R57W S12 (SE 1/4)
T120N R56W S18
T120N R57W S13
Day Gaikowski T122N R56W S1 65
Clark Heggs Lake T119N R56W S11,12 420
Clark Hallberg T116N R57W S24 25
Day Pesall 2 T120N R56W S19 64
Day Fron Church Slough T124N R56W S20 135
Day North Hazelden Lake T124N R55W S8,17 355
T122 R56W S2
T125N R55W S34,

A bill that would rewrite the compromise over non-meandered lakes from last summer’s special session will move onto the Senate floor for debate. A hearing last night (Wednesday) before the Senate Ag and Natural Resources Committee lasted almost three hours. George Vandel of Pierre, a supporter of the bill, says it is a critical issue for the state.


Mike Elsen farms in Brown County, and has had to deal with flooded land.


Senator Deb Soholt of Sioux Falls says there are a lot of rights at stake.


The bill passed out of committee with no recommendation on a vote of eight to one.