Watertown, SD —  Legislators from numerous Northeast South Dakota districts districts attended the Watertown Winter Farm Show Cracker Barrel at the sale barn in Watertown Saturday morning. A near capacity crowd attended the event with the topics ranging from collective bargaining to non meandered lakes.  One of the topics discussed was the volatility of the broad spectrum herbicide Dicamba which has come under fire in some areas of the state for damaging soybean crops. District 2 State Senator Jason Frerichs says it’s not a new issue but came under fire this year because the spraying was done late. Frerichs says the Department of Agriculture is looking at the issue, but don’t want a hard date on use because different areas plant at different times.


And should home schooled children be allowed to participate in public school athletic and other activities. Representative Nancy York of Watertown says it should be a local control issue and not made by the state legislature.


State Senator John Wiik talked about Senate Bill 199 that tackles the Non-Meandered Waters issue. He says the bill is well intended but left the landowners out of the discussion. Wiik says the current legislation that is in effect gives the state more time to open up more water by giving the Game Fish and Parks the opportunity to forge more relationships with landowners:


Representative Hugh Bartels of Watertown had some advice for fishermen.


Senator Neil Tapio of Watertown also commented.