When the Urban Renewal Board meets this morning they’ll have plenty to talk about including the future of flowers in the downtown area. Watertown Mayor Sarah Caron would like to see the flowers back on the street poles next summer, however with the Urban Renewal tax gone so too are the dollars that fund the initiative: (dl  She says there are 90 hanging baskets in the downtown area currently and half of them have irrigation units. Last year it cost 12,000 dollars to purchase the flowers, the dirt, and maintain the units.  It didn’t account for the labor provided by the city.  We asked her about the future of the Watertown Urban Renewal Board.  The board is also expected to discuss a downtown facebook page today and the Kemp Avenue two-way conversion as well as the possibility of locating the splash park in the downtown area.  You can hear all of the interview with Mayor Caron below on KXLG’s From The Desk Of The Mayor.