On a vote of 7-2 the Senate Ag and Natural Resource Committee has approved removing the sunset from the Non-Meandered Lakes bill.  Game, Fish and Parks Secretary Kelly Hepler, who is a proponent of House Bill 1081, says that removing the sunset clause will create long-term certainty for everyone.


Mike Held with the South Dakota Farm Bureau listed 14 South Dakota groups who support the measure.


But Paul Lepisto with the South Dakota Division of the Isaac Walton League opposed the legislation saying his group and others were assured changes would be made to the current legislation that was approved in a special session last June.



Also speaking in opposition was committee member Deb Soholt, who is a lobbyist for the South Dakota Wildlife Federation and Camo Coaltion.


The Committee members supporting the House Bill said that removing the sunset will allow the Game Fish and Parks department to continue negotiations with landowners.  The contentious lake access legislation has been working its way through the legislature this session.