Charlie Ewalt, who is the President of Enercept says the company has been operating in Watertown since 1981 with their claim to fame structural insulated panels.   And they do it well.  He says it’s a customized product that comes out to the job site where it all comes together.  Charlie says a lot of local talent is used to make it happen ranging from sales and drafting to production and administration.  The patriarchs of the business were actually former teachers at what was the multi-district at the time.  He says it started as an insulation company but morphed into a company that excels in structural insulated panels that are shipped all over the world  Regional sales manager Neal Mack says at the core of their business is foam insulation.  We hope you can take about five minutes to hear more of the Enercept story below on the audio tab.

Enercept employs 41 people at their Watertown plant and 5 outside sales managers and is another locally owned but worldwide business.