South Dakota Republican Congressional Candidate Dusty Johnson agrees that his may not be a household name these days, but disagrees with comments made by unannounced congressional candidate Neil Tapio that a primary election between Johnson and Shantel Krebs would bleed off enough votes to favor a Tapio win. Johnson says that, although he hasn’t been on a statewide ballot in 8 years, he’s working hard interviewing for the job with Republican voters.

 Johnson says divisions within the Republican ranks is the sign of healthy party.

What would be dangerous to the nation, says Johnson, is if all Republicans agreed on everything and all Democrats the same. He says that would translate to a frightening lack of diversity and independent thought.

He said the same can be said of his support for President Trump.  Johnson says he’s pleased with the President’s Supreme Court pick and regulatory rollback, but doesn’t like the President’s understanding of rural America and how production agriculture works and how critical the access to market is.  Johnson says the President does and says things in a different way than he would.

He likens the President to a minor league pitcher with a million dollar arm, but no control.  When he throws strikes he’s going to get people out and when he’s not, there will be wild pitches.  He says it’s hard to win games with wild pitches.