The Watertown City Planning Commission reorganized at a meeting yesterday with John Stonebarger elected as the new chairman replacing Pat Shriver who is stepping down from the board. Selected vice-chair was Blake Dahle.  Among items on their agenda last night was the access issue to the Stony Point Addition at Lake Kampeska.  City Engineer Shane Waterman says it’s about giving access and  a right-of-way to that addition at the lake.

The commission unanimously approved the request.  Also back before the planning commission yesterday was the plat of Valley View Addition, a new housing development to be constructed north of 14th Avenue North in Watertown.  The area includes 64 R-1 single family residential lots within the first phase of construction.  There will also be three R-2 lots, which are single attached family residential and four R-3 lots which are multi-family residential. The plats will create 71 total lots encompassing approximately 46 acres of which 12 would be dedicated road right-of-way. There’s a dedicated wetland in the area also, meaning the owners will have to work with the Army Corps Of Engineers on mitigation plans.  The 100 year flood plain is not present on site and the plan has been submitted to the Municipal Utilities for easement issues.  The staff recommended approval of the Valley View First Addition.  Attorney Jeff Banks from Huron represents John Tesch who lives below the hill where the development is located.

City engineer Shane Waterman.

Commission member Todd Kays made the motion to approve the plat and it was approved unanimously.  Final approval will have to come from the city council in approximately two weeks.  The new development is expected to address some of the community of Watertown’s affordable housing needs