Watertown, SD — Recently, the Watertown Community Foundation Board awarded a $150,000 grant to the Friends of the Goss Foundation to help purchase the Goss building. The foundation is hoping the City will partner with them on the venture by matching the $150,000 WACF grant to the Friends of the Goss Foundation.  The idea has met with both support and resistance.  Tonight the Watertown City Council will decide whether to support the request.  Mayor Sarah Caron says there has been an extreme amount of misinformation floating about the community regarding the Goss Opera House and people have become confused.  She says there has been a lot of talk that is misguided.  Caron says that’s unfortunate.


She says the hope is that the Friends Of The Goss can obtain financing through grants and donations from individuals and businesses and to have Lake Area Technical Institute help with the fix-up.


She says the restaurant may or may not continue and would be leased out.


Caron supports the grant request, although she won’t have a vote in it unless she needs to break a tie. She says the council is elected to make the tough calls and this will be a tough decision for them to make.