The Watertown City Council gave unanimous approval to a recommendation by the Watertown Airport Board this morning to keep ADI Great Lakes Jet Express as Watertown’s air passenger carrier.  The latest option will include service to both Minneapolis, Watertown, Pierre, and Denver. Todd Syrhe (SIRE) is the Watertown Airport Manager.



Mayor Sarah Caron is hopeful that adding the Minneapolis flights will be a positive thing for the community and area.


Alderman Don Roby.


When the new reservation system is in place ADI will no longer have to depend on Great Lakes Airlines. He said that ground handling will also be taken care of internally with ADI crews in both Pierre and Denver. He talked about the schedule.


The City Council did raise some concerns about having only one Daily flight to Denver but agreed the pickup of Minneapolis would offset any numbers lost going west. The U-S Department of Transportation will make the final decision.  If they reject ADI’s proposal then both Pierre and Watertown EAS bids will have to be resubmitted In the meantime ADI is continuing to pursue their interline agreements with the major carriers to make for an easier pass through for passengers.  Alderman Bruce Buhler says it will take education the public some.