Grant and Codington County residents are reminded of a meeting a week from Wednesday on March 21st in Waverly to hear more about the wind project proposed by APEX Clean Energy.  Mark Mauersberger who is a Senior Development Manager talks about it.


He says the new clean energy wind project is expected to offer a number of well paying jobs ranging from operations and maintenance to monitoring the towers from computers.


Mauersberger says wind is a great cash crop for farmers because you only have to plant it once and then harvest it for the next thirty to forty years.



Once again the meeting will be at 5:30 Wednesday March 21st at the South Shore-Waverly Gym in Waverly, South Dakota. He’s hopeful that individuals who see benefit from the project and the jobs and dollars it will create will take time to come to the meeting.



He says public support is important for this kind of development to continue.