Governor Dennis Daugaard outlined another tight budget to South Dakota lawmakers (yesterday). The budget, while showing an increase of thirty two million dollars from this year, will not have any increases for state employees, or state aid to education.  Daugaard says revenue projections for the new budget have been revised downward again.

Daugaard says there will not be increases for schools or state employees.

Senator Reynold Nesiba, democrat from Sioux Falls, says the Governor didn’t show any vision, especially in education.

Nesiba says it may be time for a complete study of the state’s tax structure. Representative Dave Anderson, republican from Hudson, says there is some room for possible improvements in revenue.

The budget taps reserve funds to make up the shortfall this year.  Anderson says tapping resources like the court automation fund is not unusual. The Governor proposes moving seventeen million dollars from various reserve funds to make up the current year shortfall.