Sioux Falls, SD — Outgoing House Speaker Mark Mickelson doesn’t believe the State Legislature will move anytime soon on sport betting.

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“I think something like this will take some time. In a state like South Dakota, we tend to be pretty cautious.”

Mickelson, a Sioux Falls Republican not running for re-election, says after Iowa or Minnesota or some other states legalize sports betting, then South Dakota lawmakers who look to see how it goes and then, perhaps, move forward in Pierre.

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Personally Mickelson has problems with expanding gambling, especially with kids around, but he might be able to support legalized sport book if it is confined to Deadwood.

The U.S. Supreme Court has cleared the way for states to allow sports betting, but in South Dakota it would require amending the State Constitution. That effort could start either through a petition drive or through the Legislature.

Mickelson won’t be kicked back just because he’s not returning to Pierre. He’ll be spending part of the coming months, pitching his November ballot measure to raise the tobacco tax to help lower the tuition at the state’s tech schools.