We have been talking with lots of great people at the Watertown Winter Farm Show this week and happened to run onto a very, very neat business that we first introduced you to last March called the HodgePodge Ranch!  Pamela Carlson and her family run the business, although calling it a business may be a stretch because the real motive behind Hodge Podge is to introduce young people and adults to the sport of horseback riding.  Pamlea tells KXLG news their aim is to serve those from four years old and older who love horses.. During an interview at the Farm Show where they are positioned this week, Pamela told us they are so proud to introduce their RIDE program for non-owners and party packages for kids.  You can find them on Facebook but please check out our interview below to hear more about this very cool horse program right in our own backyard, or should I say arena. You will hear in the interview below Pamela’s passion to get young people off heir devices and into the outdoors with the horse experience.  Thanks Pamela It was great talking with you at the Farm Show this week.

Hodge Podge Ranch