Gov. Dennis Daugaard says South Dakota is asking the Trump administration to allow the state to require some Medicaid health coverage recipients to work to obtain the benefits.  Daugaard announced the proposal Tuesday during his State of the State address. He says the change would apply to about 4,500 low-income, able-bodied parents who aren’t caring for an infant. The Republican-controlled Legislature during the legislative session that runs until late March will make a new state budget and take up policy proposals on issues ranging from the state’s ballot question system to the use of lakes on private land for recreation. The governor also said he’s proposing legislation to make South Dakota microbrewers more competitive with surrounding states. The speech was held in the state House chamber where lawmakers gathered for the 2018 legislative session.  It’s the Republican governor’s final session in office and an emotional last State Of The State for Daugaard.


Daugaard also discussed workforce development, managing state assets and extending a law governing the use of lakes on private land created by flooding. He also made of point of asking the legislators to work together.


Republicans hold supermajorities in both the House and the Senate.