KXLG Photos show Senator Deb Soholt and DCI Special Agent Cam Corey

The REACH Program, already up and running for more than 6 weeks and at near capacity, officially opened their doors in Watertown this week at the Sanford Health Clinic.  The REACH Program is regional multidisciplinary team approach to child maltreatment.  Among the attendees today was South Dakota State Senator Deb Soholt who was the initial sponsor of Jolene’s Law.  That law was passed by the South Dakota legislature and signed by the Governor and is the framework upon which the new initiative was launched. Soholt called it an amazing day to see a concept roll out and come to fruition.  She attending the Watertown gathering Tuesday over the noon hour.

She said the concept has been in the works for years and that last year they rolled up their sleeves and in January of this year they delivered a ten-year plan to the Governor that will change the methods by which child maltreatment, starting with child sexual abuse, are handled forever. How many kids are mistreated in South Dakota?  The number is staggering.

Another member of the Jolene’s Task Force is Cam Corey who is a special agent with South Dakota DCI who was a key player getting the REACH project up and going.

Corey says the new REACH program heralds a new day for South Dakota Children.