The Sand Guys International performed a piece of sand art Saturday during the annual Cookin On Kampeska event at Watertown.  The two world renowned sand sculptors decided to combine their talents to create professional sand sculpture.  Together, Rusty Croft and Kirk Rademaker  have over thirty-five years of experience sculpting sand on a professional level. They put that talent to work over the weekend at Watertown and here is the progression from beginning to end of what happened.

In 2011 the Sand Guys were offered their own T.V. show “Sand Masters,” by Travel Channel.  The show chronicled their adventures in sand for two years filming a total of 29 episodes.  Since its premier, “Sand Masters” has been translated into Spanish, French and Italian airing throughout the Asian-Pacific rim and Europe.

Our sculptures have been seen and enjoyed by millions in over thirty countries and nearly every state in the Union. If you want to add some creative energy to your event while generating a social media photo opportunity, nothing works better than an original Sand Guys sculpture.